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Tales of the Plan

We all get the opportunity to "do it right" the first time.  And history has repeatedly shown us that this is often the only chance we will get.  For the unprepared, the hurried, or the impatient, the result is a painful and costly lesson that usually ends in needless tragedy.  For the prepared, however, the few moments consumed in preparing and filing a float plan are undeniably priceless.

Tales of the Plan are short stories about real life events.  Stories that illustrate why preparing a float plan is such an important part of going boating.  It has been said that "chance favors a prepared mind."  Nothing could be more true for those who took the few precious moments it required to prepare and file a float plan.

An asterisk (*) denotes stories where a float plan had been prepared.

  1. Lost In Time

  2. Them Changes*

  3. No Plan Like The Present

  4. Kayakers With A Plan*

  5. Friend In Need

  6. Daughter To The Rescue*

  7. Mirror, Mirror*

  8. Stranded*

  1. A Fishing We Will Go*

  2. Diving In The Dark

  3. Three Simple Things*

  4. A Flash of Light

  5. Family Plan*

  6. A Trusted Friend*

NOTE: All stories in the "Tales of the Plan" library are from U.S. Coast Guard or U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary search and rescue missions.


Safety is simple when you have a plan™
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