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Changing your plan

We all know that sometimes things just don't go the way we planned them, either because of unexpected circumstances, or simply because you’ve discovered a more exciting or interesting alternative.  Regardless of the your reason, notifying the holder of your plan of changes goes far beyond a mere social courtesy.

Itinerary line numbers What Could Happen?

Failure to notify the holder of your plan may mean the difference between a successful rescue and a needless tragedy.  Search and Rescue personnel will be searching for you based on the information contained on your float plan.  By not notifying the holder of a change, rescue personnel will be looking in the wrong place, wasting precious time and resources.

What you should do:

  • Contact the holder of your plan using the method of communication you established.

  • Use the line numbers to reference your change(s).







Safety is simple when you have a plan™
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