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Closing Your Plan

A very important part of using a plan is closing it.  That is, notifying the person holding your plan that:

  • Your trip has ended.
  • You and your passengers/crew have safely returned back home.
  • The holder may delete your float plan immediately.

It's your responsibility

Under normal circumstances, you (the preparer) are responsible for closing your plan.

However, if a Search and Rescue has taken place as a result of you not checking-in or returning as planned, your Float Plan will be closed by the rescuing agency when the mission has concluded.

Consequences of not closing your plan

What can happen if you don't close your plan?  A lot!

Failure to close a plan promptly may result in a needless application of search and rescue resources, since the Holder of the plan is expected to follow through on what they would perceive as you not checking-in or returning as planned.

It is paramount then, that you make closing your plan the very first thing you do when you return home.


Safety is simple when you have a plan™
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