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Using Social Media

A word about using social media:Burgler

  • Don’t post your float plan on social media sites.
  • Don't post changes about your float plan on social media sites.
  • Don't discuss your activities on social media sites during your trip.

Protect yourself, your home and your belongings:

  • Do call, e-mail or text changes about your plan only to the person holding your plan.
  • Only create a travel log about your trip AFTER you return home, if that is important to you.

The point is, you don't want to let the world know that: 1) you are currently not home, 2) how far away you are based on your itinerary, and 3) how long you will be gone.  Any two these three bits of information are all a burgler needs to determine how much time they have to case your home and break in.  If you post photos online while on your trip, the burglers can use them to assess the value of your clothing, how expensive your destinations are, and what you are doing to gain additional insight into what you may have and how valuable their take may be. 

Don't make yourself a target while you are away from home.

The following articles will provide valuable insight into how burglers use social media to identify potential targets:


Safety is simple when you have a plan™
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