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2015 – The first major update of the USCG Float Plan since 2009 consolidating the float plan with the previously seperate float plan supplimentals (passengers & itinerary), new locator beacon information for both operator and crew, new Float Plan Note field for additional information specific to a particular voyage, revised Safety and Survival options; for boating safety instructors, an updatable "Provided by" label to provide contact information for your students. and a QR Code to guide smart phone users to the Float Plan Central website.

2013 – www.FloatPlanCentral.org celebrates10 years of service to the recreational boating community.  A QR Code was included on the float plan to guide smart phone users to the Float Plan Central website.

2011 – June 21st, the USCG Float Plan celebrates 20 years of saving lives.

2009 - A new version of the USCG Float Plan is introduced that enables users of Adobe Reader® version 8 or later to save data entered into the float plan on their computer for later revision or use and email the completed float plan to whomever they choose. Now users only update the trip-specific data then email the plan to a designated holder.

2007 – The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary obtained the domain name "www.floatplancentral.org."

2006 – The USCG Float Plan is included in the 13th and future editions of the Boating Skills & Seamanship textbook.

2003 – Float Plan Central debuts January 17th as the first web site dedicated to providing and promoting the use of the float plan nationally.

2001 – The "Boating Emergency Guide™ was introduced in the USCG Float Plan, an industry first. The guide works in conjunction with the float plan by providing the “Holder” of the plan step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do should they have a genuine concern for the safety or welfare of anyone identified on the float plan. This exclusive guide is only found in the USCG Float Plan making it the first fully functional lifesaving device of its kind.

2000 – The development of a brand new float plan, from the ground up, began in October and was completed and released in Jun 2001 in PDF format. At the time, Adobe Reader® did not have the ability to save and send data entered into the form. This meant the user had to: 1) print the completed float plan, and 2) re-enter all information every time a new float plan was needed.

1994 – A condensed version of Mr. Jansky's float plan design was published in the 1994 edition of the "Federal Requirements and Safety Tips for Recreational Boaters" and has remained in that publication to the present day

1991 – The first comprehensive float plan was created by Auxiliarist Vern Jansky of Flotilla 8WR-33-2.  The design placed third in the Eighth Western Region District’s "Training Aids Competition" that year behind two non-Public Education related training aids.



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