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  Khaki was the original color of the Auxiliary uniform until 1975, when the Auxiliary switched to the "Bender Blue" uniform which is still in use today.  


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About Us

Float Plan Central, a public service of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, is the official site of the float plan including the products and services that support and promote its use.

Founded on January 17, 2003 by U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliarist Vern Jansky, the father of the modern float plan, Float Plan Central was created with a single purpose, to provide the recreational boater with the easiest possible access to the most effective float plan in the world--at no cost.  Since that time Float Plan Central has evolved into the most comprehensive Float Planning resource available.

Mr. Jansky has a long history with the float plan. From his first design 1991, which became part of the "Federal Requirements and Safety Tips for Recreational Boaters" in 1994, to the state-of-the-art Float Plan in Adobe PDF format introduced in May 2001, his commitment to providing the most effective "lifesaving device" has been unwavering.  This is further evidenced with the introduction of the Boating Emergency Guide™ which made the USCG Float Plan a fully functional lifesaving device.




Safety is simple when you have a plan™
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